Rates & Policies


Dear Parents, 

Please note changes to go into effect Friday, February 1, 2019:

🎈New rates: $7 per hour 1st child, each additional child add'l $4 per hour

🎈Cancellations: please make any cancellation or change to reservation at least 24 hrs in advance. Of course I understand things come up once in a while, but I will need to charge repeat late cancellations 1/2 of rate for scheduled hours.

🎈Illness: unfortunately I am not available to care for sick children. This includes: fever of 100 or more (before Tylenol or Motrin); frequent, croupy, or productive cough; discharge from nose or eyes; any rash other than typical diaper rash; vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hrs; any condition or illness that prevents child from going to regular daycare/sitter.

These changes are necessary so I may continue to provide highest quality child care.